In according with our bylaws, KJ has three standing committees. Other committees to deal with particular projects may be created from time to time.


Finance Committee


  • meet with the Treasurer as prescribed in Subsection G to review the finances of the organization and to ensure all financial practices are meeting the requirements of this bylaw and policies of the Corporation.
  • present to the President a recommendation for approval of the books at the next schedules meeting of the Board of Directors after the review
  • be prepared to present their recommendation to the membership at large.


Costume Committee


  • assist with the distribution and collection of costumes for their group
  • assist with procurement, creation, or outsourcing of manufacturing of new costume pieces
  • support members of their respective groups with the appropriate wear and care of costumes
  • any other duties as delegated/assigned by Costume Director


Fundraising Committee

DIRECTOR RESPONSIBLE: Fundraising Director

  • investigate various fundraising opportunities to help the group raise funds
  • help in preparing and organizing fundraising activities
  • assist the Fundraising Director to secure volunteers when needed


If you are interested in joining any of our committees, please speak to the appropriate Director.